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Federal Vision Response

In an effort to better communicate the positions of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, its Pastors and elders, we have compiled the following statements and articles.

Steve Wilkins Presbytery Examination WrittenResponse & MP3 AUDIO:
"Louisiana Presbytery, after thorough examination and investigation of TE Steve Wilkins as per the SJC directives regarding allegations made in the Central Carolina Presbytery Memorial, finds no strong presumption of guilt in any of the charges contained therein and exercises its prerogative not to institute process regarding those allegations." [Clerk's note: See BCO 31-2.]

(Grounds: See the written exam and oral exam of TE Steve Wilkins on December 9, 2006.)

Rationale For Louisiana Presbytery's Decision Regarding The Vindication Of TE Steve Wilkins
"Louisiana Presbytery acknowledges that some of the teachings of TE Steve Wilkins have caused controversy in the PCA and in the larger Reformed community in recent years. We understand that many fine and faithful men believe that his views are out of accord with the Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms. We have spent much time reading, thinking, discussing and praying about whether or not TE Wilkins has been teaching doctrines that contradict his ordination vow of fidelity to the Westminster Standards. We have desired to give TE Wilkins the benefit of the doubt and have repeatedly questioned him on these issues in an attempt to determine exactly what his views are. The process has been tedious and difficult, and we would like to express our appreciation first to TE Wilkins for his patient endurance of this labor-intensive process. He has always been kind and open, and though no man can perfectly mortify his irritation in such arduous circumstances, we have found no better example of Christian patience than TE Wilkins. We would also like to thank the many brethren who have sharpened us with their insights and objections and who, with genuine fervor to serve the Lord Christ and protect His Church, have helped press us all along in our efforts to resolve this conflict..." DOWNLOAD THE FULL RATIONALE IN PDF

A Response to the PCA's Federal Vision Study Committee's Report
The Ad Interim Study Committee on the Federal Vision, New Perspective, and Auburn Avenue Theologies appointed by the 34th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America Study published their report online at www.byfaithonline.com. This report was considered and adopted by the 35th General Assembly of the PCA which met in June of 2007.

We had and continue to have a great many objections to this report and encourage all ministers and members of the PCA carefully to consider this paper by Pastor Jeff Meyers (Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA) in St. Louis, MO) in which he presents 30 Reasons Why It Would be Unwise for the PCA General Assembly to Adopt the Federal Vision Study Report and Its Recommendations.   (DOWNLOAD THE PDF DOCUMENT)

Steve Wilkins' Letter to Louisiana Presbytery Regarding the 9 Declarations of the PCA Federal Vision Report
DOWNLOAD THE PDF LETTER from Pastor Wilkins to the Louisiana Presbytery following the 35th General Assembly.

Steve Wilkins & AAPC's Letter Detailing the Reasons for Leaving the PCA
From 1976-2008, Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church was a member of the Presbyterian Church in America. The congregation of AAPC voted without dissent to withdraw from the PCA on January 27, 2008. Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church is now a congregation of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches.
DOWNLOAD: PCADepartureRationale.pdf / HTML Letter

Other AAPC Statements and Responses

  • AAPC Response to Charges of "Heterodoxy" - Unanimously Adopted June 8, 2006 - CLICK HERE
  • Summary Statement of AAPC's Position on the Covenant, Baptism, and Salvation (Revised) - CLICK HERE
  • AAPC Response to the Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA) "New Perspectives" Committee Report - CLICK HERE
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We are all very thankful for the many years we have enjoyed in communion with the PCA and look forward to a continuing relationship with many brothers who remain in it. We did not leave with any bitterness or self-pity but with joy to be serving the Savior in conjunction with the faithful brethren of the CREC. We request the prayers of our brothers in the PCA and elsewhere that we might continue to serve the Triune God with sincerity and uprightness.

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